The Balanced Child Course


Join the four week course to experience a fun, informative and exciting new approach to bring Mindfulness and Holistic Health and Wellbeing into your child’s life. Helping to boost emotional and physical well-being within your child and the whole family. We teach techniques which once learnt can be used in any emotionally challenged situation and is especially effective for any child.

During this course:
Terri will be using her Mindfulness Garden Program, guided imagery, plus tools to help regulate emotions and discover emotional calmness.
Danielle will be covering the nutritional support needed in order for your child to thrive with a healthy body and mind.

Friday Feb 19th to Mar 12th

7:30 am LA
7:30 pm UAE
5:30 pm GMT+2



For parents of children of ages 12 and below


  • Must download both books ‘My Magical Garden’ & ‘My Magical Tree’ by Terri Allen on Amazon/kindle for this course
  • Included in this course are free Mindfulness Meditations for children and parents and a free e-booklet ‘Conscious Eating guide’ by Danielle Daou