Transformational Energy Healing & Clearing




This procedure is very powerful and can have life changing effects not just on an emotional level but also on a physical and spiritual level. Along with my Angelic Guides we get to the root cause of your issues and blockages, which normally take form early on in our childhood. They energetically grow as energy weeds within our chakras. I work through  the different layers of the auric field and remove any old blockages, attachments and negative cords. Cords and attachments are formed when there is a significant emotional, psychological, physical or mental connection with someone or an emotional situation that has happened to us when we were so young that we don’t even remember they are that deep. Negative weeds, thoughts, or attachments can leave you feeling drained, tired, stuck and down within yourself  and psychological or physical pain.

Normal energy exchange $200 (one hour 30 mins)
Discount 25% off (Add coupon code when you purchase)
Promotional price $150