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Terri uses her award-winning books, My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree, Mindfulness and Wellbeing books for children, parents and educators.

Terri combines a new way of mindfulness and wellbeing teachings that can be used within a classroom.

For the past decade, Terri has taught mindfulness to children, teenagers and adults, as well as educators. Terri has also taught mindfulness courses at major schools in Dubai, as well as schools and centers in Los Angeles, with amazing results.

Terri conducts a fun and interactive workshop using both Mindfulness Books and Mindful Program techniques that will build a solid foundation for lifelong skills, at the same time expanding their imaginations.

Benefits of a Mindfulness Authors Visit:

By using My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree Books, Terri guides all participants to acknowledge and respect the emotions of each child, while at the same time, provide a Home-to-School Connection. This helps in solidifying the foundation through community effort for life-long mindfulness skills. These skills are needed in order to consciously face daily challenges they encounter while mindfully processing them, whether they are experienced at home or at school.

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