One on One Adult Session


Terri gets to the root cause of your issues and blockages, which normally takes form early on in our childhood. They energetically grow as energy weeds within our chakras. This causes blockages, that is bound to our upbringing and influences our mental, emotional, physic and spiritual development.

We then create old patterns from childhood which can keep us feeling anxious or unworthy. It can sabotage your relationships with yourself and those around you, your goals and fears on moving forward in life.

It can also take a toll on your health and keeps you from your unique gifts to the world.


My work with adults is typically in private sessions, and incorporates deep holistic energy releasing and healing, by reconnecting to your inner child aspects and the deep hidden parts of ourselves.

Terri uses her unique mindfulness techniques, visualisations, and guided meditation for personal attention which is unique to each individual. By integrating all different healing modalities brings about dramatic positive change in our lives.

With adults, I typically work one-on-one in private sessions. I use unique skills and intuition that I have developed over the years to quickly get to the heart and root course of the matter. I easily communicate with each client, employing unique healing modalities that best suits your needs.

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