Mindfulness & Emotional Healing for Children & Teenagers


My coursework for all ages teaches you how to become self-aware and confident by listening to your inner voice for healing and self-confidence. Mindfulness combined with Terri’s unique holistic healing tools, helps to bring one’s attention to the experiences occurring in the present moment, which one develops through the practice of meditation and other effective wellbeing tools. Terri also teaches a child/teenager to be able to connect to their inner state of being and teach them tools on how to connect fully to who they are, providing them with life-long mindfulness skills that they need in order to consciously face the daily challenges they encounter while mindfully processing them.

Children & Teenagers

During my sessions I use a variety of healing modalities which reach to the core of the issue. Terri also uses her mindfulness books, art therapy, guided visualizations and her deep intuitive skills. This helps the child/teenager to understand and express their emotions in a safe and loving way. My mission is to resolve emotional problems and personal issues that arise each day through a positive, quick and easy manner and then empower others to learn, through mindfulness. Giving them the confidence and strength to thrive on their life journey.

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