My Magical Garden


Award winning mindfulness book, My Magical Garden is a fun, magical interactive book where children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity. Both parents, teachers and careers can learn to identify the child’s emotions and how to help them by the choices the child makes from each illustrated page of the book.

My Magical Garden is the basis of a technique that provides support and relief for children with anxiety, grief and challenging behaviours.

The book is designed to help children & teenagers to understand and talk about their feelings.  It guides the child through a series of choices allowing them to build a magical garden which empowers them to feel in control and to navigate through challenging situations.

By reading the book together, the child feels the unconditional support of a parent, career or teacher and they will feel empowered to ask for help and make attempts to work through difficult situations.

My Magical Garden comes with a guided visualization which helps to relax, restore and balance a child’s emotions.

“My Magical Garden is a book that dips into the soul of the child”! “They will want to read this over and over again”!
Jana Oechsner, Teacher ~

Age range: 4 years upwards

Book personally signed by authors.

$18 this includes shipping

Both books come with a downloadable audio Visualisation.

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