My Magical Tree


My Magical Tree is a follow on series from My Magical Garden Book.

My Magical Tree has been designed to help children navigate through stresses and strains of daily life and brings them back into balance. It can help them when they are ungrounded and finding it hard to concentrate and focus at home and at school.

As you go through each pages of the book with your child and make the choices together, so that you can discuss the translations of each choice in the appendix, giving ideas and simple holistic tips on how to help them. It is a magical adventure that will take your child on a profound journey into a world of imagination, creativity and positivity.

My Magical Tree is a mindfulness book that gets to the heart of the child’s emotions.  Teaching them how they can choose to change their thoughts from negative to positive, a new way to manage and explore their emotions.

Each page takes them into the roots of an imaginary tree, helping them to become more calmer,  relaxed , balanced, focused and grounded.

By tapping into your child’s unique powers of imagination and creativity.

My Magical Tree will:

  • Help to ease any anxiety
  • Help increase their self confidence
  • Sharing their emotions with one another
  • Enhance their concentration and focus
  • Self Help Techniques
  • Leave them with a deep sense of relaxation
  • Plus holistic tips and downloadable audio guided visualization.

Age range: 5 years upwards

Book personally signed by authors.

$18 this includes shipping

Both books come with a downloadable audio Visualisation.

Please contact me for bulk ordering.